Ordination 1

Today’s inaugural post is the first installment of our translation of the skandhaka section of the Sifen Vinaya. “Skandhaka” means “collection” of related matters. The files posted today contain a translation of the first of five fascicles (scrolls or sections) that comprise the Ordination Skandhaka (T1428, 22:779-886). The contents of the Ordination skandhaka include a biography of the Buddha and information about ordination.


As always we welcome feedback of any type!


Ordination Skandhaka 1 受戒一 English only 英譯版 | bilingual 中英對照版

First published: 12-1-2013
Revised: 4-9-2014, 12-4-2014, 10-11-2015 (Thanks to Ven. Jin Yong for valuable comments)



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