Ordination 4

As the Buddha’s original Sangha grew, incidents occurred which made it necessary to create new guidelines and regulations. The fourth part of the Ordination chapter deals with two major themes: matters concerning younger bhiksus, and criteria for admission. The relationship of dependence (nisraya) is explained, which provides necessary supervision for younger clergy. The procedure for the sramanera (postulant) ordination is explained as well as the ten sramenera precepts. Of historical note is the account in which Rahula meets the Buddha for the first time. As we move to the second major theme, various events are described which resulted in the prohibition of various categories of people (such as criminals and officials) from joining the Sangha.

Ordination Skandhaka 4 受戒四 English only 英譯版 | bilingual 中英對照版

First published: 5/1/2015

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