This chapter provides an account of events that nearly led to a split in the Sangha, as well as the reactions of clergy, laity, and the Buddha. It also contains useful advice from the Buddha for dealing with such cases. This chapter is named after the city of Kauśāmbī, the location of the dispute between two groups of monks. One side held that a certain monk had committed an offense, while the other insisted that he had not. The Buddha intervened, encouraging them to resolve their differences by telling the story of two ancient kings who were able to reconcile after a vendetta that had lasted many generations. Despite this, the monks continued their dispute and headed toward a schism. Resolution did not occur until the monk in question decided that he should refer to the sūtras and Vinaya. After doing so, he realized that his actions indeed constituted an offense and repented, allowing restoration of harmony to occur.



Kausambi Skandhaka 拘睒彌 English only 英譯版 | bilingual 中英對照版

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