The Dharmaguptaka Vinaya, known in Chinese as the Sifen lü 四分律 (Vinaya in four parts), is one of four Vinaya traditions transmitted from India to China. It was translated by Zhu Fonian and Buddhayasas during 410-412 C.E. During the Tang dynasty, it took on added importance as the foundational text of Daoxuan’s Nanshan Vinaya school. Today the Sifen lü represents the living Vinaya tradition in China, having long served as the textual basis in bhiksu and bhiksuni ordinations.


In 2013, the Bodhi Foundation for Culture and Education began an English translation of the Skandhaka (miscellaneous chapters) section of the Sifen lü. Eric Goodell is one of the translators.

2013年,菩提文教基金會翻譯委員會著手將《四分律》中〈犍度〉譯為英文,Eric Goodell 為其譯者之一。

This project has been made possible by the generous support Puyi Yuan monastery in Taipei and other donors.


The full text of the English translation will be published on this website as it is completed. The latest updates may be found by clicking on Blog above. To view and download completed portions, click on Downloads above.


Publishing the translation online not only makes the text available to anyone who is interested, it also provides a way for readers to contribute to the project by sharing comments and corrections.



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  1. Bhikkhuni Upekkha says:

    Hello, may I be included in your email list of recipients for research works on Dhamma and Vinaya? Thank You.
    With Appreciation and Metta
    Bhikkhuni Upekkha (释持严合十)

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